…the melodic world of Dream Lab

Hi Everyone, Well, it’s been a very long time since our last update. Stuart has been busy with his work and Emil has been busy writing a solo CD, released on Cardamar music here: Do check it out, it’s amazing 😉 Those of you who have listened to Dream Labs Cosmotherapy CD will know the track Silver Skies, featuring Cling from the UK. Well, Another collaboration has been released called Walk On Thin Ice and you can now download it for FREE! (Yes, you heard me right, it’s FREE!). Not only are you getting another quality Dream Lab / Cling release, but you will also be helping the SAL Animal Charity, as each time you download a track, Cling is donating money to this worthwhile cause! Find out more here: Finally some BIG news! Stuart is currently in Sweden, recording the new Dream Lab album with Emil! No date has been set yet for its release, but be ready, if you enjoyed Cosmotherapy, you are going to LOVE the new CD!! We are keeping all the details a secret at the moment, but will keep you updated 😉 We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and continued support for the Dream Lab project.

Peace, Love & Plenty of Chill Stuart & Emil aka Dream Lab

Dream Lab


Dream Lab was born late 2004 when Emil Anderberg (soundfreak)
from Sweden and Stuart Elliott, from the UK, crossed paths whilst
using the same bulletin board on the internet.  Their friendship soon
developed and inspired by each others music, they decided to
collaborate on a couple of tracks.  These tracks were less chilled
than the music from their debut album, Cosmotherapy and more
orientated towards dance music.  After some initial experimentation,
the Dream Lab sound soon evolved into what it is today.  Their two
different styles, (Emil’s dark trippy Ambient and mesmorizing rhythms,
Stuart’s engaging melodies and evolving landscapes), go hand in hand
to create a unique and captivating sound that has internet listeners
wanting more.


What the listeners of the
Digitally Imported

Chillout Channel are saying:

Classic Classic Classic
on I’ll Guide You

this might be my favorite chill tune
in a long time. So dark and trippy,
it’s exactly my kind of stuff. If I
could create music, this is what I
would do, insane

on Cryogenic Suspension II

I just love this song…I’m hearing it
on DI right now and I HAVE to get it

on Cryogenic Suspension

…One of the best songs i’ve ever heard.
Dream Lab produces some amazing music
for sure….Pure Bliss

on Cosmotherapy

very beautiful melodic chill track
on Chemical Karmasutra

Man, I love those weird samples and sounds,
this has a nice unique sound to it!

on Suspicious Minds


The future of Dream Lab

Although a long time coming, Cosmotherapy, Dream Lab’s debut album is just the beginning.  Watch out for new releases, exclusive remixes and live dates in the near future.  Drop us a line and we’ll add you to our mailing list where you’ll get access to our exclusive downloads page.  There are tracks in here that are not available anywhere else and are offered free by way of thank you for all your continued support for the Dream Lab project.


Dream Lab would like to thank

Their family & friends in both the UK & Sweden, Marco Sijbesma, Seka, Susi Lavender, Gerald Patient, Easily Embarrassed, Marco Torrance, Edwin & Ferdy Mulder,
their countless online buddies.

Peace, Love & Chill,

Stuart & Emil